Jun 032004

It has been a while but I had a reaction to the Rebif again today (though I wouldn’t rule out a steroid flashback :-). I was really hot and got pretty soaked without exerting much effort – and this was in a 73 degree house while wearing shorts and an Izod! It did get much better later in the day which was good but of course long after I had showered. Too bad for those that I had dinner with since I probably stunk pretty bad after sweating profusely most of the day! 🙂 The side-effect didn’t surprise me since the injection was quite painful and that is never a good sign of things to come (though side-effects are pretty unusual for me.) At least I didn’t have the chills during the night – though I could have slept through that with the 10mg Ambien I took to help me sleep 🙂

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