Jun 302004

My blood pressure always goes up with the Solu-Medrol and this time is no exception. My blood pressure is also very reactive to stress and can go up very quickly. Yesterday was a little worse than normal since this was a different nurse than normal and she had never seen the auto injecting IV bag and I had to explain how it worked. Then she took my blood pressure immediately after putting in the needle so I had the stress of her not knowing the gear coupled with the stress of her putting in the needle. Then she decided to retake my blood pressure at the end immediately after she ripped off the ultra sticky tape and took off a ton of my arm hair. Needless to say it was still a little high. Then is was high again today because I was already worked up and then the punk neighbors were setting off fireworks again after setting one off in my mailbox yesterday. I had to go and investigate – I still owe their mother a call on that one.

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