Jun 032004

Getting me out of my normal routine has definitely messed up the taking of my medications. I am used to grabbing them right before I go to bed but now (while doing it before bed) it is not part of the routine. In fact I missed my first nightly dose of Zoloft earlier in the week (though I remembered everything else – go figure) so I took it the next morning. Unfortunately unlike I’d originally thought (or it did not have an effect at 50mg) the Zoloft made me quite tired. On the other hand I was in an unusually good mood that day – maybe because I didn’t sleep off the highest concentrations in the system. So far I have not missed a Rebif injection (just the one time that I intentionally did not take it) so I guess I am in good shape there – only one Rebif shot to go until I am back at home and I took my medications for tonight 🙂

On a somewhat related note there have been very bad storms at my house and there are people without power after a couple of days. It makes me worried that the month supply of Rebif sitting in the refrigerator may get too hot. I am sure it is fine though – especially since there is a fair amount of food in the fridge and it only has to maintain 77 degrees (bummer if that food is all spoiled as a coming home present)

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