Jun 212004

Well the $10 million question – will I be able to tolerate the Texas heat. Short answer – who knows. Last year during the summer I was in a horrible exacerbation so I really don’t know what the heat will do to me. When I run a fever it just affects my hands and the same goes for mowing and pretty much anything that raises the core temperature. The real question is what will it be like long-term or even 10 years from now. My contention is that I am not out of air conditioning except going between the car and a building so it won’t be that bad. Plus my wife has taken over the yard work and other stuff outside – I can’t believe I actually have a valid excuse for not doing it anymore!!! 😉 I know my wife is very concerned about me (she is so sweet!) and wants me to be OK which means going to a cooler climate – not real soon but long term. I really like Texas but that is not a reason to stay here so I guess we’ll see – I’m more agreeable to moving than I once was. On the other hand there are some pretty significant difficulties in moving but that is something better analyzed years down the road when we would realistically do the moving. I guess time will tell. I plan on posting to alt.support.mult-sclerosis when I get time to see others feedback about the heat.

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