Jun 112004

I’ve spent the past four days really tired and running a 101-102 degree temperature. Other than being really tired and my hands being stiff from the body temperature being so high there were no other problems. I went to the Dr. mainly to have my lungs checked out since I had recently heard of someone with walking pneumonia and wanted to make sure I didn’t have that. Everything was clear, as I expected, so the official diagnosis was fever of unknown origin. Nice to see medicine advance in 9 years when I had the same exact thing (except my temperature went to 106) and the assessment is the same. I guess if you’re going to have a neurological problem with an unknown origin than lets also have a fever of unknown origin too. 🙁 I probably got this from my weakened immune system from the Solu-Medrol so I didn’t feel bad going to work with a high-grade fever since I didn’t think anyone else would get it. Furthermore, I only had one sick day left, which I did end up using to try and get some sleep to see if that would help. I do feel better today and my temp has been running about 100 – hopefully this will wrap up this weekend.

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