Jun 262004

For those who are interested in the status of the exacerbation here we go:


  • Tremors: The past couple of days have been really good days for the tremors with virtually none. I did have some this morning after I got up but after noon I haven’t had any.
  • Burning in Legs: Has been virtually non-existent since Monday but there have been a couple of mild episodes. There was some this morning – as with all of these symptoms – which made me unhappy because I thought they were all coming back but then they went away in the afternoon
  • Leg Weakness: Again came back a little bit this morning but went away like the others. Otherwise has been gone at least since Monday.
  • Foot Numbness: Complicated symptom at best. Still don’t know whether to blame the MS or not since I had some bad arch pain which could be consistent with another cause – the joys of flat feet. It is much better than it was at its worst and like everything else is worst in the morning when I wake up. No wonder I’m not a morning person! 😉

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