Jun 142004

Campath 1H and Antegren look to be the most promising drugs on the horizon for me.

Antegren, by my guess based on its trial stage, will be the first to come on the market. In fact there has been some news of Biogen building a new production facility in anticipation of demand for this drug. On a related note Biogen is the manufacturer of Avonex so I am sure there will be trials of Antegen in combination with Avonex which in my opinion would go really well together. (You can compare initial numbers against Rebif which I am on now.) I anticipate that I will probably be on this drug within the next couple of years while awaiting the more promising, yet scary, results of the Campath relapsing-remitting study.

Campath really looks like it is the most promising of the drugs that will be coming onto the scene as it wipes the T-Cell slate clean and stops the progression of the disease. T-Cells, specifically the helper CD4+, are what the HIV attacks which really causes concern as it is an example of what Campath may do to my while temporarily damaging my immune system and losing my immunity to everything. They say in practice it hasn’t resulted in any deaths but I guess time will tell. While the most promising this drug carries with it extreme risks – I certainly don’t want to be “cured” of MS because complications from a treatment killed me. I guess I will have plenty of time to ponder this drug because the results of the relapsing-remitting trial won’t be ready for a couple of years. My current thinking is to not take this drug because I’d rather be disabled than dead!

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