Jun 212004

My boss and both of my coworkers already knew but nobody else knew. It was a lot to take in at first and didn’t want to be bombarded by questions. At this point I am pretty comfortable with my MS and have gotten pretty used to it – as used to as you can get with a disease such as this. Plus I don’t find it disturbing anymore – maybe because I’m in a delusional state?!?! Anyways I sent out a brief e-mail to a few friends at work that I have the disease and included plenty of links to the National MS Site since they probably have no clue what it is – as I didn’t before my diagnosis. I got two very sweet responses so that was nice but nothing from the others. I wonder if it is just too awkward to discuss – I can think it would be awkward if a coworker just sent me an e-mail telling me they had a chronic disease. While I didn’t tell everyone (no need to send a bulk e-mail to all staff – save that for next years NMMS fundraising! 🙂 but I figure word will spread and I specifically put in my e-mail to feel free to tell anyone they like because it is not a secret. Besides news tends to travel pretty fast in the offices so I’m sure this will be common knowledge to 80% plus of the staff in a month. I guess I am officially out of the MS closet now! 🙂

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