Jun 152004

I blog and it doesn’t cross my mind, I take my nightly pills and it doesn’t jog my mind, then I get a drink out of the fridge and look at the shots but that didn’t jog my mind either, then I wrote down my symptoms for the day but that didn’t jog my memory to take my injection. But at 11:00pm I am sitting in bed with the lights off thinking about some unrelated item that I had forgotten about and then I realized hey I forgot about my injection – while in an exacerbation – Yikes! Well I nudged my wife as she was also drifting off to sleep and told her we forgot something – she immediately knew what I was talking about and got up and gave me my injection. I’ve maintained my record of both of us never forgetting an injection but just barely. My poor brain just doesn’t remember so well anymore. On a related note I have really integrated the Palm into my day-to-day life and it is making a world of difference. My big app is the memo pad where I can just jot something down for later – in fact just writing it down helps me a ton! I very special thanks to the newlywed Gallo’s for that gift – it is awesome!!!

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