Jun 292004

The long overdue follow-up to the 10 bad things. I wanted to post them all at the same time but ran out of time to write this one. I’m sure I’ve also left off some other important good things but I’ll just blame the MS memory. 😉

  1. Christ’s grace and love to me and our family has become even more apparent!

  2. The love of my wife for me is being shown so wonderfully as she supports and encourages me. She really is a blessing beyond compare!

  3. Another one of the best things is me having it and not my wife or any of my other loved ones.

  4. It makes me focus on the important things in life. It is easy for me to get caught up in just being busy, possessions, money, health, and basically other things of no value. But really the important things are Christ, my wife, my kids, and friends – the MS helps keep that in perspective.

  5. Makes me try to take a much more active involvement with the kids. Becoming disabled or heavy limitation in participation in their activities is much more of a concern for me now.

  6. Really brought out the good in a lot of people – but especially in my wife (and she was exceptional before this) – as they take care of and help me.

  7. I’ve met a lot of great people through MS – both on and offline

  8. On the same vein I’ve made some new friends

  9. I have an experience that is worth sharing for the betterment of the community – heck I certainly can’t think of anything else I have worth blogging about.

  10. Has been a good motivation to take better care of myself. Trying to cut down on the saturated fat & eat some more veggies and fruits – having pretty good luck so far and have actually lost quite a bit of weight.
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