Jun 302004

Here are a couple of the good funny things about having MS:

  1. Don’t have to do the mowing anymore – or pretty much any yard work – at my wife’s wishes. I never liked yard work anyway! 😉

  2. Always having a good excuse when I can’t remember anyone’s name

  3. Have a good excuse about forgetting anything

  4. If I “drift off” in the middle of a conversation no one can really hold it against me. Except my wife she knows me way too well for that to work.

  5. Everyone is always trying to do stuff for you

  6. Always have a good excuse to take a nap or just take it easy

  7. Can believably say “I’m sorry I just don’t have the energy for that today.”

  8. Have an excellent excuse to keep the AC pretty cool

  9. Can pretty much blame anything on the MS

  10. Can get sympathy/pity from pretty much anyone at any time. Sometimes you just have to milk it a little. 😉
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