Jun 272004

Here are the things that that I find are really bad about MS:

  1. Uncertainty – easily the worst thing because who knows what is going to happen. Really this is true for everyone but becomes really a focus with MS.

  2. Exacerbations – always very weird and highly irritating. Then I wonder will I end up keeping this symptom for life.

  3. Injections – not real pleasant – enough said.

  4. Inability to do things for myself.

  5. Causing my wife to have to do extra things because I can’t or shouldn’t

  6. Short-term memory is basically shot.

  7. Attention tends to drift and I end up ignoring someone while they’re speaking.

  8. Nasty side effects from the other medications. I’m hot from the Zoloft as I write this and I hate treating my loved ones badly when on the steroids.

  9. The intermittent sleep problems that I have for no real reason

  10. Having to eat healthy and take better care of myself because the deck is kinda stacked against me. 😉
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