May 202004

They were going to try and schedule the MRI for next week just for my convenience but I am of the opinion that is we are going to proceed with a course lets get on it. I told them that I would take one tonight if it was available and it was. They did it at MRI Central which is a really nice facility and they are really nice. The MRI tech was really awesome this time (not that the guy was bad before just this one was especially nice) and made it a very pleasant experience. I didn’t remember the MRI vibrating that much but I’m sure it did. I also took being in the confined space so much better this time because I knew what to expect – not that I freaked out the first time but I was a little nervous when I got in there. They offer the option to watch a DVD or TV during your scan so next time I may bring a DVD but for this time I listened to one of my Skillet CDs (probably my favorite band – though I also like Echoing Green a ton). The tech’s wife said they listened to some of it too and liked it – no surprise they struck me as believers. This time the scan was much quicker because it was just of my head. That took me by surprise at first but then made sense because there really isn’t any more information they can get from the spine since contrast does not work well (or at all) there. Maybe someday I will get some pictures posted of the lesions.

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