May 202004

The visit went very well. We had my wife’s Aunt and Uncle who were in town watch our son because he doesn’t do well when we are stuck in the waiting room for an hour and a half. Of course this was the one time that the doctor was running on time so it didn’t turn out to be necessary. Go figure.

Tremor: While my tremors had calmed down since Monday (the worst day) I was having a particularly bad day. I guess it worked out well since he got to see the tremble which turned out to be very important to the diagnosis. He said it was right to suspect the Zoloft because MS tremors are rare but that type of tremor is a constant tremor in both hands. My tremor is a location specific tremor and while not a textbook example of an MS tremor or that of a Essential Tremor is could be either one. At this point he is leaning towards a MS tremor because while it normally manifests itself equally in both hands (I hope I am remembering this correctly – and my right hand is much worst – of course I am right handed 🙁 He said there is usually coordination problems which I don’t have. He said that the MRI would show lesion activity of the Cerebellum and should clearly identify where it is MS or not. I told him that I do not want to treat the tremor at this point because it isn’t bothering me this badly and that I would call if I needed something. I also asked what he would do for treatment if/when we get there and he said there are a number of drugs and he listed a couple but the only one I remember is beta-blockers.

Exacerbations: We also discussed the frequent exacerbations that I have had within the last few months. I am glad that they are very minor compared to the first but we need to get them under control. He said that we need to get a MRI and see if there is significant lesion activity (I am sure there is). If there is significant lesion activity then I will get a 3-4 month series of 3g/month of Solu-Medrol to break the cycle. A couple of months after that there will be another MRI and we will analyze to see if lesion activity is to an acceptable level. If not then I need to go to a different treatment for which he will send me to the MS clinic. It can take a while to get into the MS clinic and as my wife remembers it is 7 months so we will see.

Nurse: Well Renea is still there so I was wrong on that but Angel is also a Medical Assistant who helps out. I had calmed down enough that I could talk rationally explain what happened with her giving medical advice. He took it very seriously and was thankful I brought it to his attention and will once again clarify the policy with his staff. Since he got me in quickly and I wasn’t too irritated my blood pressure was in its normal range of pre-hypertensive which is a lot better than the 160/100+ because I am so irritated.

Staying with doctor: Every time I get really irritated with him I always have a very good visit. This was definitely the best visit to date so I will continue to hang with him.

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