May 182004

Probably best that I post this the day after and even though it’s going to be a rant I will not use every profane word that I know. Bottom line is while I like the doctor the staff is driving me nuts and is going to force me to go elsewhere.

Background: I’ve always had a problem with his nurse and think she is a moron. Part of the problem is that he doesn’t want to pay anything and with a nurse shortage he is bound to get someone incompetent. Shortly after I got better from my real big exacerbation I called and wanted to know if my occasional hand stiffness was another exacerbation. I told her explicitely that I wanted to speak to the doctor but she nastily retorted that she is trying to help me which meant schedule and appointment – this really ticked me off. Furthermore every time I tell her I am taking Rebif she asks me what for – as if you would take it for anything else. She has no clue about the drugs for MS and probably could not spell it based on her spelling abilities (as if I’m one to talk! :-). The other incident I had with her was when I called about my depression and I had not taken the amitriptyline that was prescribed for sleep and she told me that had I taken that I probably wouldn’t be calling now. Of course I already knew it was a bad antidepressant especially at the levels I was prescribed. Once again she is dispensing medical advice. When I spoke to the doctor later he told me not to take the amitriptyline because it wouldn’t help with anything. She can’t even take a blood pressure correctly!

Now: So I call yesterday about the tremors getting worse and that I blame the Zoloft and an update on my symptoms. This is of course after Renea’s 3 minute answering machine message. Then I get a call about 4:30 from someone called Angel who identified herself as the nurse and they were short staffed today – I am guessing Renea is gone and this is her replacement. She then asked me what I wanted because she didn’t understand my message (apparently I used words too big for her). The second time around she got the abbreviated version of I am having tremors and I think the Zoloft is causing them. She then said that (maybe I missed her saying a “If” before this but I really don’t think so) I do not need Zoloft so I should quit taking it. I told her in an extremely firm and heavily irritated voice that I need that drug (like I would be taking a drug I didn’t need coupled with you just don’t stop any drug but especially antidepressants). She asked what I was taking it for and I said depression and she said that the doctor would probably write me a prescription for an anti-tremor medication. I suggested that I would be willing to try a different antidepressant to which she rattled off one she considered good and that I might get that one. The stupidity off suggesting that I stop taking a medication that she didn’t know and on top of that one that treats depression really ticks me off. I know there are too many patients, and some that he sees, that would have just stopped taking the medication. What a MORON! She said that the doctor would followup with me in the morning since he had left for the day – right on a day that they were short staffed?!?! On top of that he isn’t going to call in the morning because he is always late and there are patients waiting – a good sign this chic is new.

I guess it is time to look for a doctor who knows MS and has a staff that isn’t complete idiots.

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