May 242004

I actually called the doctor this morning to see about doing the steroids regardless of the MRI report. He called back with the MRI report and as expected there were a number of recent and active lesions so he definitely wanted to begin the solu-medrol. I told him I am leaving on Saturday for a week so they will have to get on it so that I can get all of it in. He said they would be calling it in today so I hope to start tomorrow. I guess the fam. is gonna just have to put up with my bad mood! 🙂

He said that he wanted to follow up in two weeks to see how I am feeling and doing and to see about referring me to Dr. Hopper. I assume that he is one of the doctors at the MS Clinic so he’d want to begin now because it will probably take around 7 months for a new patient to get in – but maybe faster with a referral from Hopson since he knows all of them at the clinic.

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