May 262004

Here are the medications I am taking with the Solu-Medrol:

  • Solu-Medrol: Of course 🙂 1g per day for 3 days will repeat for a total of 3 months

  • Zantac 150mg (Generic Name Ranitidine): I am taking this as an antacid. I didn’t have problems last time I took Solu-Medrol with heart burn or stomach ulcers but the doctor said it could be a problem so just take it. Like all my pills I take it at bed time.

  • Ambien 10mg: I take this to help me go to sleep otherwise I will stay up all night. The 5mg never really cut it but the 10mg’s work much better. I definitely need to take them in advance because they take 30-60 minutes to knock me out. On a positive note my pharmacy insurance (wallgreens) would only allow 14 Ambien in a 30 day period last year – the doctor prescribed more but that is all the pharmacy would give me. Even though I have the same pharmacy they gave me the full 30 that the doctor prescribed. Not that I will take anywhere near that many but at least I have them! (Note: as I mentioned before I have a hard time sleeping once I stop the Ambien because my body gets addicted to them and thinks it needs one to go to sleep – yucky – a side effect I really hate!!!

  • Methyl-Prednisolone 4mg: This is the steroid I will take after I finish the Solu-Medrol to wean my body down. Based on the name I suspect that this is oral Solu-Medrol. It comes in a pre-packaged case with specific dosing. The first day you take 6 pills (24mg total and taken throughout the day) and then you drop a pill a day taking the final, single pill on the 6th day. I have never taken this one before so I’m interested to see how it works. Plus if it is oral Solu-Medrol dropping from 1,000mg per day via IV to 24mg when I stop seems like a big jump so maybe they are different medications. Historically I have taken Prednisone after IV Solu-Medrol and that has been fine (I didn’t get a chance to ask why the switch but I will) and have taken 40mg for 2 days 20mg for 2 days and then 10mg for 2 days.
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