May 122004

Apparently I got quite a few laughs from family members when I posted that my wife said her memory problems started at my age. I could see where this might be funny since there is about 9 months difference in our ages but it was meant to be an exact reference to a time period that others probably would not know. For her I still blame her first pregnancy on her memory deterioration and then just has not improved. Maybe because she continued to breast feed and that kept her hormones out of whack until the next pregnancy when she just resumed pregnancy brain. I know some don’t subscribe to pregnancy brain but I have certainly seen it before. On the other hand maybe it was just a sudden shift in her memory abilities that won’t get better. My point is that around our mid-20’s we both lost a significant portion of our short term memory – I personally blame the MS for mine. I have heard from others and they discount the MS explanation saying it is age because it happened to them – all I have to say is what’s their excuse? -at least I can claim something that evokes pity (j/k)! 🙂

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