May 232004

I thought it was pretty cool that my neurologist is giving a lecture – I figured that was reserved for the researchers. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend. Maybe next time.

How to Choose Your MS Therapy?

Dan Hopson MD – Neurologist (Plano, TX)

And MS Lifelines Ambassador Jacob Bell
[for those who don’t know Lifelines is the Rebif program]

Saturday June 5th

9:00 am – Arrival

9:30 am – Breakfast Program

(Meal & Speakers Provided by Sponsor)

Q&A Following

Westin Stonebriar Hotel Frisco, TX

1549 Legacy 75034


Please RSVP by May 21st – 800-233-7241 (Extension 7209)

Simply leave your name, phone #, program location, and number in your party. Your seats will be reserved.

Funding for this educational program provided by Serano & Pfizer

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