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I never really paid attention to all of the symptoms that were possible with MS and still don’t remember all of them and have to go back for reference. I never really had paid much attention to it and it never really caught my attention until listening to a web case earlier this year sponsored by MS Life Lines (Rebif) At the time I found the talk kinda depressing and didn’t listen to it all the way through. Of course this was in mid-stage depression so I was a easily upset. The irony being I should have paid closer attention because shortly after that I got my first episode of MS Pain. (Note: I call it MS Pain because while it certainly feels like real pain it is not caused by an external factor just by a freaked out brain/spine.) All episodes have been identical (except one which I will explain at the end) and have only varied in location and intensity. My first was in my thigh and was sensitive to light touch – especially to my clothes brushing up against it and when walking. It got to a level 5 on a 10 point scale at it’s worst but has been adequately alleviated by standard over-the-counter pain medication (Tylenol, Advil, Aleve).

My next MS pain was started in my left arm, later in my left breast, then 3″ below my left breast, then 3″ below my right breast, and ended in my right arm. There were gaps between all of these except when it was in my left breast and right below – that was concurrent. This was the same kind of pain that was mostly irritated by light sensation like my clothing moving around as I walk. The bad thing with my torso having the pain is that since I am out of shape the area jiggles a little as I walk and definitely made the pain worse. (I guess one of the many joys of man breasts. 🙂 Maybe someday I can trade them in for some rock hard pec’s but what are the odds of that 🙂 The pain like in the legs didn’t ever stick around in one area longer than 2 weeks and was usually just 1 week.

The final type of pain that I have experienced and is one I experiencing now with the current exacerbation. This is best described as a burning pain (I had no idea what that meant before this) and feels like the bottom of my feet are very warm. The pain is not really that bad and is mostly noticed when I go to sleep because there isn’t any pressure on my feet. I found that by wearing tight fitting hiking socks that they exerted enough pressure to almost get rid of the pain. Usually I don’t feel it while wearing shoes but I do feel it now as I am writing this. Go figure.

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  1. Hi Traces,
    Thank you So much for your response. I visited my pc yesterday, and he has decided to go forward and get my MRI done before my visit with the neurologist the end of August. My blood work all came back normal ranges, including the teams for immune disorders. That has really depressed me today, as it seems that most doctors quit listening when the tests come back negative or normal. Where do you live? I’m in NC. I’m 51 years of age, and my symptoms began around 2009. Over the past year or 2 I’ve had numerous symptoms come and go.
    If you would like to email with me directly, you may. I don’t want to be a pest to you though.
    Thanks again for leaving a response! 🙂

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