May 062004

I have had 3 exacerbations since the first which is more than I wanted (who really wants any) but they were all mild – including the one I am in now. All 3 have been sensory in nature and have involved a loss of sensation or with these last two MS pain. Nothing has affected my hands again which is really nice. The later exacerbations have lated a couple of weeks and then went away on their own. I did take prednisone for one but it was pretty much all gone by the time I started it.

The MS pain has been in my legs, chest, back, and arms. I have rated the pain up to a 5 (on a 10 point scale) but mostly it is in the 3’s. When I do take over the counter pain relievers they have always helped and brought the pain down to an acceptable level. Depending on the pain and the day I have better luck with different drugs (Tylenol, Advil, Aleve). I also keep a pain journal separate from my normal MS journal so I can keep track of the pain and what works. I certainly recommend doing the same.

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