May 012004

I once heard it said that (I think it was on a movie) that if everyone piled up all of their problems on the table to trade with someone else they would always take theirs back. I have certainly found this to be true in myself because while I really dislike having MS and the prospect of some day being crippled on the other hand Christ has really blessed me beyond compare. I have an exceptional wife and an exceptional marriage – she certainly does a wonderful job of tending to me and bearing with me. Certainly without her this would be unbearable. I also have two exceptionally wonderful children. Would I trade my MS for a bad marriage, bad children, more money, etc. of course not. While the disease can be difficult at times and get me down it is certainly never that bad and never will be. I hope that these posts can be both informative and encouraging for you and provide some insight into one persons experience with the disease. 😉

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