May 082004

Living in Texas the heat is certainly a big concern – mostly for my wife it doesn’t concern me to much as long as we have air conditioning. 😉 While I have had a number of symptoms the only one that comes back when I get hot is my hands no surprise since that was the symptom from my worst exacerbation. And then it is still pretty minor because I still have control just a loss of sensation. I do take comfort in this because all of my symptoms do not come back (pain and numbness at other areas) and for my hands it’s not as bad as it was during the exacerbation. I do occasionally get hot cleaning the house and certainly mowing the grass but other than that I do pretty well staying cool. As soon as I get my body temperature back down all the symptoms disappear. I am very thankful that all of my symptoms don’t come back when I get hot otherwise that could get pretty unpleasant. 🙂

On a related note the AC at work isn’t functioning too well (they are out today, Friday, fixing it) but I moved 24 new HP computers yesterday (Thursday) which were still in their boxes and got quite hot. Mostly because I am out of shape from sitting in front of a computer all day 😉 but also because I was in business attire. My hands got numb but I grabbed a fan that I keep at my desk and a cold DP (I know I should have gotten some water) and felt better pretty quickly. Of course everyone stayed away because I stunk from all that sweat – fortunately it was the end of the work day! 🙂

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