May 202004

I guess the big thing now is to take fish oil pills to make sure that you get your omega-3 fatty acids. Since I do not like fish (except the fillet-a-fish at McDonalds – yummm – but only with extra tartar sauce) I need a good source of that, I guess, so a pill is probably my best bet. I checked with the dr. today because I did not want to start anything like that without his permission and he happily granted it saying it wouldn’t have an effect on the MS and would probably help in other areas. I still think of it as a little cutting edge for me – I am pretty conservative with medicine – so I’ll see. I have heard very good things with blood pressure and cholesterol and I need help with those – of course a better diet and exercise would probably be much better! 🙂

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  1. Most doctors don’t seem to know much, or want to learn anything, about the impact of diet on MS. They weren’t trained to think of MS in nutritional terms. However, there was once a time when doctors didn’t know the impact of diet on heart disease or cancer!

    One doctor I visited did mention that I should go on a gluten-free diet, a process I have just started.

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