Jul 192014

A city girl from Denver learns the source of her chronic suffering…
and discovers that Lyme disease can strike anywhere

By Linda Warner, guest blogger

Let me start by saying that I am an overcomer of many things. I grew up in a very abusive alcoholic home, where my parents struggled to put food on the table. I left my home at 16 to enter an abusive relationship with my daughter’s father. I stayed in the relationship far too long, but knew it was not what God’s plan was for me. I put myself through school, even going on to get an MBA. I ended that relationship. But nothing has been more draining to overcome the Diagnosis of LYME. I know that God has given me the strength and the tools to overcome anything.

I am not sure when I got bitten by a tick. I experienced no bulls eye rash. What I did experience, seemingly from out of the blue, was bone-deep achiness and endless fatigue and anxiety. Psychiatrists diagnosed me with everything from PTSD to BiPolar. As a single parent, marathoner and hard driving, middle-aged sales rep for a major global pharmaceutical company, I told myself this was normal. After all, my work had me in and out of doctors’ waiting rooms all day long — of course I would be prone to picking up whatever the patients were bringing in. Plus, wasn’t this what all “women of a certain age” go through? One fall day in 1989, driving to a sales call, I literally fell asleep at the wheel. I awoke after colliding with a tow truck. While the truck driver was fine, I suffered a back injury and my body ached worse than ever.

The accident really scared me and served as a virtual “wake up” call to get help. Surrounded by doctors at my job, I had easy access to a wealth of professional advice and diagnoses. And everybody pretty much said the same thing: It was all stress and anxiety. Continue reading »

Jan 282014


and it’s not Tilex!

I finally got around to reading about Tecfidera; Biogen’s newest drug to combat lesions in MS. The chemical they are using, dimethyl fumarate (DMF), is not a new one; they are just repackaging it. What I also found interesting is that the EU banned DMF for health reasons. That would concern me that the “active ingredient” was banned for health reasons. I guess that aside the reductions in relapses are pretty good though much like I said with Tysabri so would it be with arsenic.

I guess I do not understand why a researcher would look at this chemical, DMF, and think treatment for MS. It almost feels like this is the throwing darts at a wall and see what sticks. Who would have thought that your next MS drug came from your household cleaner. Furthermore, it appears that Biogen is only wrapping it in a fancy tablet for the nice price of about $55,000 (and yes I know about their $10 program that I am sure I would not qualify).

Also, I looked at the MSDS for DMF and the risks are pretty much identical to Tecfidera. The big difference is that Tecfidera has even more risks. Of course the usual of risk of infection and cancer but there are additional pregnancy risks too. I like how the drug is in Pregnancy Category C which is all ill effects have been seen in animals; of course because it has been recently released. It is ripe to be a Pregnancy Category X and lucky for you Biogen has a Pregnancy Registry with an 800 number setup to report problems during pregnancy.

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Jan 212014

I guess we will have to see where this goes. I have certainly mentioned the idea of bacteria responsible for MS in the past on the blog. Of that there has not been anything else I have heard about an L-form bacteria and MS.

The article discusses a different way that a particular bacteria, Clostridium (C.) perfringens type B, could be causing problems and that is with its toxin. What I found most interesting is that it lives in your intestines and the researchers hope to find a probiotic for treatment.

Do not get too excited. This has all the markers of “too good to be true.” Maybe you can have your doctor write you a prescription for an antibiotic just to be sure. :-)

Jan 162014

Apparently a recurring theme here. As my personal diet leaves a lot to be desired, health wise :-), maybe I should try one of these out. This one comes via my mother-in-law’s doctor who inadvertently brought this diet up again (Wow, two years!). The doctor she works for is ex-OB/GYN and has turned into a functional medicine doctor (I had to look up what that was). On a funny note my mother-in-law’s son now thinks she is working for a witch.

She recommends Dr. Terry Wahls for the treatment of MS, also a functional medicine doctor. Briefly looking at her website she made a remarkable recovery from her wheelchair and secondary progressive MS. She now has her own protocol for curing/treating multiple sclerosis which is the Wahls Protocol. Reading about the Wahls Protocol it appears to mostly be the Paleo Diet. On a positive note you can try out the plan and see if it works for you.

As I said in the previous post on this: Tis the season to go on a diet. Good luck

Jan 112014

-SchlitzBest news ever! ;-)

Well maybe not that good, but they are reporting that it does help prevent. I guess good news to all of your friends who just celebrated with a new year party. If you look at the data it is not that impressive, but it’s alcohol so it’s making big news. I think they should qualify for an Ignoble award.  Enjoy your beer in the new year.  Congratulations!

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Sep 302013

Pregnancy_test_resultThis is my backup plan to my willpower failing. As a man I know it has always been a personal dream to turn a pregnancy test positive and now I could get my chance. In my experience pregnant women do not lose weight but I visit a quack and he sells it as a diet. The unbelievable plan on how you too can lose weight being pregnant or just pass a pregnancy test: Continue reading »

Sep 232013

Not quite that exiting. :-)

For a while I have blamed the majority of my problems on my diet. My diet is a lot of bad habits but getting the desire and persistence to change is hard. Eriksgirl decided to sign up for Slim 4 Life to lose a few pounds, her friends have had very good results. I went with her to join the program. I could certainly stand to lose a few pounds but the goal was to establish better habits. We set up a meeting to get signed up and all was going well. The problem came when they were going over the paperwork and I had a medical condition that failed me from their diet, and I still do not understand. Continue reading »

Jul 062013

Because I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I am regularly recruited to MS studies for my opinion. If it is a drug which they do not provide a name they always call it Product X. This was another Product X study on a new drug. During the hour long one on one interview we discussed marketing phrasing for the new drug. All of phrasings were bad and they really liked to use “New technology….” has brought a better drug. I discussed there is a disconnect between technology and my health, drugs, etc. but I would lay money it is what they use. Continue reading »

Mar 302013

ChrisGMy coworker Chris has been biking the MS 150 for years now. I received an email the other day that he is again doing the ride and seeking donations. If you are looking to give to the National MS Society I recommend you donate through Chris. I am thankful to Chris and the other bikers for their efforts. Safe travels.
You can click here to quickly contribute or here is an excerpt from the email he sent me: Continue reading »

Mar 252013

I was trying to think of a word that best described MS/Lyme and I think the word is inexplicable. For me, years ago, life was going along normally and then out of nowhere big problems started. I tried to write them off, and some went away. But much like the old adage problems that go away by themself will also come back by themself. So now as much as life is full of inexplicable things I now have the MS/Lyme which is a constant on and off for no reason. It is better, but not gone.

While not new news the weirdest thing, other than getting MS, was when Katja was “upright” again. I like to hear inexplicable stories of things going good for a change.